Bonsai Collections

The collection of - Viky Petermann

All photos were taken by Cindy Rodkin & Carl Morrow at Oyama’s show 2018:

  1. Pyracantha
  2. Juniper over rock
  3. Galpinia Transvalica (Mame)
  4. Ficus craterostoma on rock (Mame)
  5. Olive  (Mame)
  6. Galpinia Transvalica
  7. Buddleia saligna (Mame)

2018 Photos by Cindy Rodkin (not from a show):

  1. Juniper twin trunk (first design: Rudy Adam, Refinement: Viky Petermann)

2017 Oyama show Photos by Cindy Rodkin & Carl Morrow:

  1. Chinese Maple
  2. Olive