Presidents Report - April 2019

Submitted by williamdewitt on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 14:08

Autumn is here. I am watering my trees less, sometimes skipping two days. However it is very important to check daily as we can still have very warm days. When it rains make sure your trees are getting wet. Often because of dense canopies the water does not get onto the soil.

This is the most important time of the year to feed. This is when the trees store energy for the spring push. Healthy well fed tree now means a healthy spring push. All trees can be fed. Make sure you do at least two applications, four weeks apart if you are using organic food sitting on soil. If using a liquid food, do this every two weeks, four times.

The meeting last month was well attended and it was great to see some new faces. I started by showing you when is the correct time to shoot select on your pines once they have hardened off, always reducing to two shoots. You can tell they have hardened off when they turn from a light green to a dark green and when you give the needles a gentle tug they dont just come out. You can also balance the energy of your pines now. 

Then Vkiy and Justin gave some advice on how to start styling raw yamadori. Sometimes it is difficult to see the tree in all the mess. Start off by cleaning out what you know must go. After this decide what is your best front. Tilt, move and rotate the tree to find this. Most of the time you can not follow any rules when starting to style a yamadori. You need to find the best line root to apex and go from there.

We then moved onto the wedge cut of a pine. As shown the most important lesson is the cutting of the wedge. The angle on both sides of the cut must be the same length otherwise you will end up with an overbite. Only a small wedge needs to be cut. You will be surprised how far the trunk moves just with a small wedge. Next we make sure that when bending we can secure the bend onto something that almost gives a 90 degree to the bend. In this case i used a metal bar secured to the base. When bending we continuously check that the back is not tearing. We run our saw through the cut to make sure that top and bottom of the cut are running parallel. Do this until you get a nice meet of the top and bottom sections. Once closed we seal with putty to protect the wound. Stop moisture and air getting into the system. 

Our show is around the corner. Please if you have not yet send in your lists of trees to Andrew. 

We need all hands on deck the Thursday before the show. Please come and help. The show is what generates income for the club and this is used to do things for our members. Make sure your trees are prepped and ready and try find some nice moss to cover the soil surface. 

See you all this Wednesday for our next meeting. Phil will be showing us how to secure a tree to a pot that needs to be worked on, This is so important. So many trees that die after heavy work is done, is blamed on the work, when in fact it was the roots that got damaged during the work.

I will then discuss Juniper cleaning out, followed by a few members giving there advice on tricks of the trade they have learnt.


See you all there