President's Report - January 2019

Submitted by williamdewitt on Mon, 01/07/2019 - 16:00

President’s report - Brett Simon

Happy new year to everyone. I hope you all got a well-deserved break. It is a new year and I hope everyone has made some bonsai goals for the year. Terry from bonsai tree wrote a great article on setting yourself goals for the year ahead. Go read it if you have not yet.

The weather is hot and windy and trees dry out very quickly at this time of year. Make sure you water well. The surface of the soil can dry out very quickly and the next time you try and water the water just seems to run off the surface without sinking in. I suggest you take a chopstick and “scuff” the soil so that the layer on top is broken up. This will then allow the water to sink in.

Most of our trees are in summer dormancy. This happens when the weather is hot and the trees slow down. They will begin growing again in a month or so. Trees like olives and Buddleja are growing so feed them.
I have finished all my candle pruning of pines and those I did in the middle of last month already have new candles emerging.
It is a good time to work on deadwood of junipers now. You can also start peeling old bark off the junipers to make sure there is no Boerer hiding below.
Figs are growing like mad and can be repotted.

We have a very exciting program lined up for the year which you will see below. We have tried to incorporate a lot more Demo’s into this years program. Our first meeting is this Wednesday and not to be missed.

See you Wednesday