Students are taken through the theory of the subject before moving onto the practical aspect which is the designing and pruning. The course is run by members of Oyama who have over 80 years combined experience.  


Module 1: Introduction

  1. Objectives of Oyama
  2. Brief History of Bonsai
  3. What is Bonsai?
  4. How a tree grows,
  5. How to start,
  6. Recommended species
  7. Styles

Module 3:  Care and Maintenance

  1. Watering the Tree
  2. Where to place your Bonsai
  3. Fertilizing
  4. Pests and Diseases



Module 2:  Design

  1. Tools
  2. Wiring the tree
  3. Structure of Branches
  4. Variables of Design
  5. Branches to be removed
  6. Creating the Bonsai

Module 4:  Potting

  1. Growing Medium
  2. Why Root Pruning is Necessary
  3. When to (re) Pot
  4. Positioning of Tree in the pot
  5. Potting from Bag to Pot
  6. Pots and Containers

Date of next course is Saturday 18 April.

The course will be held on one day and it will be divided into 4 modules.(See Above)

Two trees will be provided, one to be worked at the course and one to take home to work on it and bring to the following Oyama Club meeting for feedback.






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