Winter Bash


Hannes Frits presenting

The Oyama Winter Bash is a weekend devoted to growing, developing and styling bonsai.

Yearly, Oyama holds a weekend long convention, normally the first weekend in August. The convention is centered around a bonsai related topic, species or a style of planting. 

The Winter Bash centers around two main ideas. Firstly, to explore the chosen theme from every possible angle so as to develop new ideas or expand the boundaries of knowledge on the subject. Secondly, to cross-pollinate with other regions in the country and to bring presenters from within and outside Cape Town to share their knowledge and in doing so, increasing the local pool of knowledge on the selected topic.

The Winter Bash has been one of the highlights of the Western Cape Bonsai calendar since 2012. A sample of the themes explored are “All about rocks”, “Mames & Shohin”, “Deadwood”, “Indigenous species for bonsai”, “Deciduous trees” & “Olives”. The out-of-town presenters include growers such as Hannes Fritz, Gary Howes, Tobie Kleynhans & Earl Jeffreys among others while the list of local growers includes all of the best this region has to offer.